Hydrogen Water Generator


Product Functions

- Color : Black

- High Purity Portable Hydrogen Water


- Simple Hydrogen mode

- Portable design

- All-in-one No need to install

- Manufacturer Maxell,Ltd.


One property of hydrogen is easy to separate

from the water, so it is ideal to drink the

hydrogen water as soon as produced.


When all is said to the Hydrogen Water

Generator is so Lightweight (440g) and



And it is such an attraction product because of

the rechargeable battery powered for you

to bring with it everwhere.


Moreover, it can generate up to 800 ppb

high concentration of hydrogen water only

in 3 minutes.


Let's go out with fresh hydrogen water!

HI-TA13 Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

The supermodel Amber China highly recommended Buder Portable Hydrogen Water Generator


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